Bien-Dire Magazines

Bien-dire and Bien-Dire Initial, the magazines for learners of French, made in France!

Le Forum is the agent for Australia and New Zealand for Entrefilet, the publisher of the acclaimed bien-dire magazine.

Whether you are learning or teaching French, Bien-dire is for you... 

You enjoy speaking French and learning about France? Do you want to acquire more idiomatic expressions, improve your comprehension of spoken French and keep up-to-date with what's happening in France? Bien-dire enables to do all this.

A 52-page magazine to improve your French that you'll enjoy reading! Full of interesting articles on France and French culture, Bien-dire helps you understand what it is to be French.

2 magazines to suit your level of French:
- For beginners and intermediate learners: Bien-Dire Initial
- For intermediate and advanced readers: Bien-Dire

Bien-dire E-Mag: Wherever you are, browse through and listen to your magazines. You will online access to last 6 issues of Bien-dire and 6 issues of Bien-dire Initial

E-Bien-dire: You will have online access to last 2 issues of Bien-dire and/or Bien-dire Initial.

Bien-dire Plus: The Bien-dire Plus digital product complements the Bien-dire magazine. It offers a collection of interactive exercises based on the articles of the magazine with over 20 exercises per publication. Learn more...  If you are a current Bien-dire Plus subscriber you can click here to access your space.

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Each article is graded for difficulty and has keywords translated into English. You'll acquire idiomatic expressions and up-to-date vocabulary, receive news and practical information from France and even learn some slang. Bien-dire is also valuable, authentic teaching material for teachers.The Bien-dire CD (optional) includes over 60 minutes of articles from the magazine read by native speakers as well as pronunciation and intonation exercises. Published every two months in Lyon, France, Bien-dire is a complete and enjoyable French learning experience.

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