Features for this Special Offer:

- Order minimum of 10 subscriptions at the same postal address

- Provide one e-mail address to be used for the login in order to access the Audio download and the Online exercises.

- The subscription can only start with the next issue, not the current one.

- Possibility to mix Bien-dire (Intermediate to Advanced) and Bien-dire Initial (beginners to Intermediate)


- Easy cost allocation: One price per subscription including magazine+Audio+Exercises

- The articles are written by language specialists, each article is written for a target language level. 

- With Bien-Dire, you will become passionate about culture, thanks to its various articles about the francophone culture: society - travel - history - profile - news - economics - food; but you will also get interested in linguistics: idiomatic expressions - grammar - tongue twisters - practical conversations. 

-  With Bien-dire PlusImprove your skills quickly and effectively with about twenty exercises per issue, Bien-dire Plus offers you:
+ exercises based on the articles from each magazine to validate what you've learned.

+ more in-depth information about the topics included in the magazines, through videos (songs, interviews, documentary films), transcripts and/or exercises.

+ topic ideas for facilitating group discussion.

+ At the end of each exercise, you will receive a mark as well as the correct answers.

+ You can also print the exercises to complete then anywhere.


BIEN-DIRE (Intermediate to Advanced)

Minimum order for School Specials is 10. Can be a mix of Bien-dire and Bien-dire Initial  (Please read the conditions here)

1year - 6 issues

Bien-dire magazine+audio download+ Bien-dire Plus (Online exercises) .


BIEN-DIRE INITIAL (Beginners to Intermediate)

Minimum order for School Specials is 10. Can be a mix of bien-dire and bien-dire Initial (Please read the conditions here)

1year - 6 issues

Bien-dire Initial magazine+audio download+ Bien-dire Initial Plus (Online exercises) .